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The Missouri Division of the International Association for Identification is a non-profit organization actively engaged in the profession of identification and scientific crime detection. We invite members of law enforcement, forensic scientists, crime scene technicians, evidence technicians, and latent print examiners who are interested in the scientific investigation of crime to apply for membership.


New Membership = $25

Yearly Renewal = $20

Yearly Due Date: March 31

Join or Renew:

Want to submit dues via check? Mail to P.O. Box

Want to submit dues online? Click HERE.

Membership Types:

Active Membership

The Active membership of the Division shall consist of heads of Bureau of Identification (including persons under their supervision) who are engaged in the science of identification, heads of police departments, chiefs of police, chiefs of detectives and sheriffs; provided however the forgoing bona-fide employees of, and received salaried from a national, state, county, or municipal government, or some subdivision thereof, of who are active members of the parent body. 

Honorary Associate Membership

The Honorary Associate membership shall be open to all reputable person, wholly or partially engaged in any of the various phases of the science of identification, who are not qualified for Active membership. Such members shall in all respects be subject to the same rules, fees, and charges as Active members and shall be entitled to the same rights and privileges, except that they shall not be entitled to election as an Officer of the Division. When applying for Associate membership, the applicant must state the phase of science of identification in which he or she is qualified.

Life Active Membership

Once you have paid your dues consecutively for twenty-five (25) years, you will be notified of your transition to "Life Active" status, and will be no longer required to renew your membership yearly.

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