Greetings MOIAI Members:

First let me take a moment to introduce myself.  I am Teresa Weaver, the current board member of the MO IAI.  I have been an active member of the MO IAI since 2007.  I have also held the position of editor.  I am currently employed with the Jefferson City Police Department as an Evidence Technician.

This past year and a half has been delicate and restrictive for most of us.  It is no different for the Missouri Division of the IAI. There have been numerous changes that you as a member may not have known about. Some of them are as follows: It was with great sadness that the board decided to cancel our 2020 conference due to the national pandemic. We also saw the retirement of both our president, and second vice president. Our first vice president moved on to a different department. At this time let me take the opportunity to thank all of them for their service and wish them luck on their future endeavors.

We need members to fill these board positions, as well as several others: President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, Regional Representative, Editor/Webmaster, and Board member.  It is because of the hard work of our board members that we are able to put our Annual Educational Conference together, provide the members with quality training, and connect the membership with possible vendors for all of your department’s needs.

As of right now the remaining Board members have decided not to organize a conference until the board positions have been filled. If you are interested, reach out to me, Don Smallwood, Leamon Crafton or Lindsay Kenney. The deadline to apply is October 31.  We will also provide an Officer’s Guide to any interested member.

Please review the organization’s Constitution and By-laws on our website: http://www.moiai.org/consitution-and-by-laws

If we are unable to fill the board positions, the current board members will need to explore other options for our division. Current discussion is the possibility of merging with another neighboring division.


Thank you all for your time and dedication.

Teresa Weaver

Board Member – MOIAI

Jefferson City Police Department