We invite you to join our proud organization.  When you join the Missouri
Division of the IAI you have access to hundreds of like-minded professionals
across Missouri whose goal is the identification and apprehension of

Active Membership – Consists of heads of bureaus of identification and their
subordinates, heads of police departments, Chiefs of Police, Sheriffs, and
Chiefs of detectives.

Associate Membership – Open to all reputable persons, wholly or partially
engaged in any of the various phases of the science of identification or
individuals actively pursuing a college degree in Criminal Justice or a forensic
field.  Associate members shall be subject to the same rules, fees, and
charges as Active Members and shall be entitled to the same rights and
privileges, except they are not entitled to election as an Officer of the
Division.  When applying for Associate Membership, the applicant must state
the phase of the science of identification in which he or she is qualified.

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MO IAI New Membership

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